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Manifesto July Fair – Valencia
Valencia comes alive not only during March with the festival called Las Fallas, but also July with the “Feria de Julio.” This fair has a great tradition within organizations of gaming events and commercial. You can experience the culture, history and customs of Valencia.

This “feria” was born thanks to the City of Valencia for the city to remain active and dynamic throughout July and is addressed, already from its origins, Valencian citizens who have not turned away from the city to take refuge in the coolest places and tourists holiday.

The first “feria” we can date the July 21, 1871 with a showy parade of floats, exhibition stands of plants and sale of products in general.

Concerts – Exhibition July 2013

Concerts fair of July
The month of July in Valencia is characterized by the “Fair of July”, a set of events and concerts that take place in different parts of the city from day 1 to day 28.

We recommend that you read the article where it shows the general characteristics of the party and a brief description of the acts that comprise it.

These are the dates of the 12 concerts organized in the “Feria de Julio”

July 4: Lori Meyers
July 5: Melendi
July 6: Earth Wind & Fire
July 11: The Habitación Roja
July 12: Revólver
July 13: Rosario
July 14th: The Original Blues Brothers Band
July 18: Fangora
July 19: Fito & Fitipaldis
July 20: Sara Baras
July 21: Auryn

Official poster of concerts including information

All of these concerts will be held at the Royal Gardens of Valencia known as “de los Viveros”, prices vary according to the artist, ranging from 6 to € 35. Tickets are already on sale online.